2014 Teapot Rendering Competition - Photos & Images

Setting up...

... as the attendees slowly take their places.


... explaining the progress of the students taking the ray tracing course.

Students begin presenting their work.

Yuedong Zhang's competition image.

Kevin Christopher Wall's competition image.

Weiyu Liu's competition image.

Kui Wu's competition image.

Michael Bradshaw's competition image.

Duong Thai Hoang's competition image. Can you spot the teapot?

You can find all competition images and videos here.

The audience pays close attention. Everyone is entering their scores online as the images are presented.

William Mason Usher presenting his work.

William Mason Usher's image won a Juror Choice Award.

Ian Mallett presenting his work.

Ian Mallett's image won a Juror Choice Award and a Student Choice Award.

Laura Marie Lediaev presenting her work.

Laura Marie Lediaev's image is the WINNER of the 2014 Teapot Rendering Competition. Her work also recevied both Student Choice and Audience Choice awards.

The online votes are in.

The award winners are announced.

Many of us stayed after the competition...

... to chat about our experiences with ray tracing and future research plans.

Thus ends the tale of the 2014 Teapot Rendering Competition.