CS 7933 - Fall 2016 - Graphics Seminar

Time:Tuesday @ 12:10pm - 2:00pm (talks begin at 12:30pm)
Location:Large Conference Room, a.k.a. LCR (MEB 3147)
Organizer:Cem Yuksel
Mailing List:graphicscs.utah.edu (signup here)


The Graphics Seminar consists of talks by faculty, students, or researchers in the industry. These talks can be of various types:


1Aug 23 SIGGRAPH Discussions
2Aug 30Laura LediaevBidirectional Path Tracing: A Tutorial
3Sep 6Mason MontazerRich-VPLs for Improving the Versatility of Many-Light Methods
4Sep 13Ladislav KavanHow to write a SIGGRAPH paper
5Sep 20Tyler JonesMotion Planning and Control for Fishes
6Sep 27Jessica LohseDrucker-Prager Elastoplasticity for Sand Animation
7Oct 4Tiantian LiuPosition Based Dynamics
8Oct 11— Fall Break —
9Oct 18Kui Wu(A talk on ongoing research)
10Oct 25Mengjiao HanLinear Subspace Design for Real-Time Shape Deformation
11Nov 1Hannah Swan(A talk on ongoing research)
12Nov 8Elena Vasiou SivvopoulouExploring Architecture for Real Time Ray Tracing
13Nov 15Tim Grant(A talk on ongoing research)
14Nov 22Nghia Truong(A talk on ongoing research)
15Nov 29SIGGRAPH Submissions Preview (Part 1)
16Dec 6SIGGRAPH Submissions Preview (Part 2)