CS 7933 - Fall 2020 - Graphics Seminar

Time:Tuesday @ 12:10pm - 2:00pm
Organizer:Cem Yuksel
Daqi Lin
Mailing List:graphicscs.utah.edu (signup here)
Calendar:See event calendar


The Graphics Seminar consists of talks by faculty, students, or researchers in the industry. These talks can be of various types:


1Sep 1SIGGRAPH Discussions
2Sep 8— No Talk —
3Sep 15We will follow I3D 2020
4Sep 22Cem YukselA Class of C2 Interpolating Splines
5Sep 29Jeremy ThorpeC-Space Tunnel Discovery for Puzzle Path Planning
6Oct 6Ian MallettConstant-Time Energy-Normalization for the Phong Specular BRDFs
7Oct 13Mitchell AllenA Survey of Precomputed Light Transport Methods
8Oct 20Voicu PopescuImage Generalization Through Camera Model Design
9Oct 27Peter ZhangImmersive Light Field Video with a Layered Mesh Representation
10Nov 3— No Talk —
11Nov 10— No Talk —
12Nov 17Jordan WashingtonSurvey of Atmospheric Scattering Sky Models in Computer Graphics
13Nov 24Yura HwangA system for efficient 3D printed stop-motion face animation
14Dec 1Jerry (Chi Cheng) HsuSurvey of Yarn Level Cloth Simulations (2008-2020)