CS 7933 - Fall 2022 - Graphics Seminar

Time:Tuesday @ 12:15pm - 1:45pm
Organizer:Cem Yuksel
Jerry Hsu
Mailing List:graphicscs.utah.edu (signup here)
Calendar:See event calendar


The Graphics Seminar consists of talks by faculty, students, or researchers in the industry. These talks can be of various types:


1Aug 23SIGGRAPH Discussions & Scheduling
2Aug 30Jerry HsuA General Two-Stage Initialization for Sag-Free Deformable Simulations
3Sep 6— No Talk —
4Sep 13James YoungbloodOpenVDB for volumetrics
5Sep 20Anka ChenSolving Self-Collision Using Shortest Path to the Surface
6Sep 27Nishita KharcheAn Automatic 3D Scene Generation Pipeline Based on a Single 2D Image
7Oct 4Yan DongAffine Body Dynamics: Fast, Stable, and Intersection-free Simulation of Stiff Materials
8Oct 11— Fall Break —— No Talk —
9Oct 18Benjamin MastripolitoTile-based Pattern Design with Topology Control
10Oct 25Alper Sahistan Hardware-accelerated Direct Visualization Of Unstructured Volumetric Meshes (and possible graphics applications)
11Nov 1Ziheng LiuPenetration-free Projective Dynamics on the GPU
12Nov 8Xinyi XiongBezier guarding: precise higher-order meshing of curved 2D domains
13Nov 15Haoyang ShiAutomatic quantization for physics-based simulation
14Nov 22Zhou ZhangNeural Shadow Mapping
15Nov 29Yintong ShangImmersion of Self-Intersecting Solids and Surfaces
16Dec 6SIGGRAPH Submissions Preview