CS 7933 - Spring 2023 - Graphics Seminar

Time:Tuesday @ 12:15pm - 1:45pm
Location:MEB 3515
Organizers:Yin Yang
Ziheng Liu
Mailing List:graphicscs.utah.edu (signup here)
Calendar:See event calendar


The Graphics Seminar consists of talks by faculty, students, or researchers in the industry. These talks can be of various types:


1Jan 10— No Talk —
2Jan 17— No Talk —
3Jan 24— No Talk —
4Jan 31SIGGRAPH Submissions Overview
5Feb 7Haoyang ShiPrimal/Dual Descent Methods for Dynamics
6Feb 14Meghna Manjunatha Weavecraft: an interactive design and simulation tool for 3D weaving
7Feb 21Ayushi SharmaStyle and Abstraction in Portrait Sketching
8Feb 28Anurag Gupta3-Sweep: Extracting Editable Objects from a Single Photo
9Mar 7— Spring Break —
10Mar 14Victor Petrov Volume Path Guiding Based on Zero-Variance Random Walk Theory
11Mar 21Yintong ShangConstraining Dense Hand Surface Tracking with Elasticity
12Mar 28Xinyi XiongDCT-Net: Domain-Calibrated Translation for Portrait Stylization
13Apr 4Akhil BalajiStochastic-Depth Ambient Occlusion
14Apr 11Youyang HuangFree2CAD: Parsing Freehand Drawings into CAD Commands
15Apr 18Sai Raghavendra Sugeeth PuranamNeuralTailor: reconstructing sewing pattern structures from 3D point clouds of garments
16Apr 25Song ZhangMany-Light Rendering Using ReSTIR-Sampled Shadow Maps