Some Publications from Recent Graphics Projects

This list includes publications of the projects on this site. This is not a complete list of graphics-related publications from the University of Utah.

Tianyu Li*, Wenyou Wang*, Daqi Lin, Cem YukselVirtual Blue Noise LightingProc. ACM Comput. Graph. Interact. Tech. (Proceedings of HPG 2022), 5, 3, 2022(*Joint First Authors)Wolfgang Straßer Best Paper Award, 3rd place
Daqi Lin, Larry Seiler, Cem YukselHardware Adaptive High-Order Interpolation for Real-Time GraphicsComputer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of HPG 2021), 40, 8, 2021Wolfgang Straßer Best Paper Award, 2nd place
Tianyu Li, Wenyou Wang, Daqi Lin, Cem YukselVirtual Lights with Blue Noise DistributionProceedings of High-Performance Graphics Research Posters, 2021

Publications prior to 2021 are not included here.